About Lightnet

We are passionate about the fascinating medium of light. Lightnet, established in 1991, has focused on the medium in all its diversity, on its optimum adaptation to user requirements. The results are our aesthetic and functionally outstanding lighting solutions which can be perfectly integrated into all kinds of commercial and industrial contexts.

Our resources in the field of Research and Development make it possible to develop innovative LED-luminaires so that we are one step ahead of our competitors. Thanks to our efficiency in organization and extraordinary in-house vertical integration in manufacturing we are able to create customized solutions and individual products that meet the particular needs of lighting designers.

Our Motto, go green and preserve the Planet.


We provide tailored lighting design solutions, from bespoke luminaires to lighting layouts including retail, industrial and commercial spaces.


We offers designs and consult with professionals to ensure that we meet all the requirements of our clients as well as the occupational health and safety act. Together with this, we design to ensure that our clients concepts are brought forward with our expertise in lighting industry from manufacturing to project facilitating


Our Smart light solutions is not a “one size fits all solution”. We design and offer a solution according to the requirements of the project and space to customize the solution. This will ensure the best results at the most cost effective budget.
  • Smart-light harvesting – automatic dimming feature to reduce energy consumption when day lights presents sufficient light in a space
  • Smart-light occupancy control – feature that understands the space and will switch off or on if motion is detected
  • Smart-light time switching control – the control of dimming with unoccupied space or switching off over a predetermined time with no occupancy

Technical design

With the use of the latest programs and software such as Dialux EVO, AutoCAD and others, we can offer lighting concepts, designs, layouts and renders to illustrate the space of the project.

Test and trials

Our inhouse facilities allow for continuous research and development to ensure electrical conformance and performance of our luminaires. we are constantly playing with the latest technologies and incorporating these into our services with the backing of our technology partners and suppliers.

Commissioning and support

We offer turnkey solutions for lighting and controls. This may include design, energy audits, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning whilst we manage the project.