Munyaka Estate

This Lifestyle estate was supplied by Romor electrical distributors. The cafeteria used the LSC5060 linear circles enclosed by a feature box and the gyms used LSS5075.

Antony Moreto

DRK5075 linear was designed with integrated spotlights (mini) and recessed by Notorious Design House into an accurately designed cavity to ensure the product is flush with the ceiling making an absolutely beautiful finish for the high end retail store

Greenstone Mall Passage Ways

The passageways are illuminated with functional and aesthetically pleasing luminaires, the suspended LSC5060 1m, 1.5m and 3m were used to create a feature with the DLH-7 surface mount downlight creating an outdoor effect for consumers, indoors.

Arup Offices KZN

This commercial space illuminated by the suspended DRK5075 darklight linear profile. The low glare glare luminaire is the perfect luminaire for the offices. The office is also controlled with smart light sensors that are capable of daylight harvesting, motion detection and manual control for specific requirements.