DLV-R Gimbal Range

Product Information


IP: 20 / CRI: > 80 / CCT: 3000K, 4000K


White, Other on request


The DLV-R Gimbal is a Downlight with a slight recessed trim ring to help reduce glare and finish the trim ring with an aesthetic look. This product can Tilt in 2 directions, this  feature accommodates any space that is left in the dark. Available in Single, Double and Triple Configurations This product is well suited for the following and more: General illumination and accent lighting for commercial and retail spaces.

  • Entrances
  • Corridors
  • Hallways
  • Reception areas
  • Retail space
  • Galleries

Other features:

- Cut-Out:
Single: 155 x 155mm (Square)
Double: 155 x 295mm (Rectangle)
Triple: 155 x 435mm (Rectangle)
- Housing: Die Cast Aluminium Heatsink and Trim ring.
- Remote Plug and Play LED driver.
- Removable COB at End of life.
- LOA certification.
- RoHS Compliant.
- Reach Compliant.
- Housing is Designed for the circular economy model.


Light Source and Control Gear:
- LED COB (Zhaga compliant) / LED Driver (Remote)
- Maintainable & Future proof

Optional Features:
- CRI: > 90 and other
- CCT: 2700K - 6000K / Red Meat / White Meat / Bakery / Fruit&Veg
- Dimmable (DALI or Triac) / Smart-Light / Emergency

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