Illuminate Your Space with Timeless Elegance

Discover lighting solutions that define sophistication

Illuminate Your Space with Timeless Elegance

Discover lighting solutions that define sophistication

Lighting Solutions

Lightnet provides an extensive selection of luminaires tailored for commercial, retail, and industrial applications. Leveraging our highly efficient factory.  We boast the industry’s shortest turnaround time for manufacturing and assembling luminaires to exact specifications. 

Bespoke lighting solutions

Embrace boundless possibilities as we transcend the limitations of conventional thinking.

At Lightnet, we specialise in tailoring luminaire solutions, encompassing linear, pendant, and unique mounting designs. Our dedicated in-house Research and Development team collaborates to realize your unique vision.

Explore our retrofit solutions, where existing luminaires undergo a seamless transition to state-of-the-art LED fixtures, ensuring energy efficiency and enhanced illumination.

For corporate or retail brands, our luminaires are meticulously customized to seamlessly integrate with and amplify your distinctive identity.

Our Projects

Lighting design and layouts

With a seasoned design team, Lightnet specializes in crafting illuminating solutions that align with South Africa’s occupational health and safety standards. As a registered member of Dialux, we meticulously generate reports verifying the efficacy of our designs before implementation.

Seamlessly translate our lighting designs into reality, with detailed lighting layouts in AutoCAD or PDF formats.

These layouts serve as invaluable guides for electrical contractors or installers, complete with comprehensive bills of materials. For intricate linear luminaire designs and configurations, we furnish assembly manuals. These detailed guides facilitate on-site luminaire assembly, ensuring a smooth and efficient process while minimizing potential time-consuming complications.

Experience the Artistry of Illumination

Crafted with Precision, Each Fixture Radiates Opulence.

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