Recessed & Surface mount Lowbay
The LED lowbay has always been a well received products for canopy installations as well as many others. The need for something similar that is recessed with the same performance has been brought to our attention, so we listened and designed it. this product is now available. please contact us [...]
Retail Solution
Illumination of retail space is far more complex that simply placing luminaires in a space and spilling light over the area. The art of lighting design is to ensure that the required levels are achieved according to the health and safety act as well as highlighting the displays area's, aesthetically. [...]
Side entry VS back entry Saturn dome
Lightnet have designed a side entry skirt for the Saturn Dome Bulkhead. This Saturn Dome Skirt features 2 knock-outs (20mm) for the applications of an end of line application or an application where the conduits will need to be continuous. The colour option comes standard in black and white or [...]