Family Pet Centre
Family Pet Centre illuminated with suspended LSS5075 and the LS5035 customised to fit the walkway bulkhead
The Cove Hanger
The Cove Hanger illuminated with the HB7575 Linear Hi-Bay
John Deere
John Deere warehouse illuminated with the Sky-2-line Hi-Bay
Domestic project Waterkloof
Products Used: LS5035 designed to fit between I-Beams creating a continuous square luminaire.
Isipingo Mall – Railway bespoke Luminaire

In conjunction with Performance lighting in Durban Performance lighting using 2 x 13 meter LSS7575 linearĀ  to create their own railway luminaire in the train station

Paul And Shark (Sandton)

Products Used: Signature Spotlight, DLV-R Gimbals, DLV-R 3 Inches and LS1715 linear profile with 9.6W strip light

Products used: Trafalgar 600 x 600; DLV-R Downlights; Customised LSS7575 Linear
Audi Menlyn
Products Used: Double Volume Showroom - DLV-R 6 Inch, Canteen - DLV-R Gimbals Round Retail Outlet - DLV-R 4.5 Inch Tilt
Sky-2-line Installation
Secunda Mall – RGBW light display
In Conjunction with LIS Centurion (lighting Industry Specialists). Products used: Lightnet RGBW striplight. Lightnet Smart-Light Blue Solution.
Lightnet RGBW Honeycomb
Products used: Customised Honeycomb LSS5075, RGBW up-light 4000K downlight Lightnet Smart-Light Blue Solution  
Kitchen Chandelier
In Conjunction with COOL LIGHTING. Products Used: Customised Black LSS7575 Linear profile, 4000K, DALI.